AthPro360 invites trainers in different sports to sign-up and become part of our Trainer database. Please complete the trainer registration form and submit your application. Our team will get in touch with you as soon as the application is received.

Player-Trainer Connect

AthPro360 is committed to identifying the best trainers for different sports and contributing to athlete development. We created AthPro360 trainer module to equip trainers with all tools required to plan, track, capture and analyse the training needs of players. As part of our recruiting and skill development service, AP360 has built modules that specifically helps Trainers to manage their services to players and get compensated.

AthPro360 Trainer Module benefits

  • Leads

    Get free leads about players in your area that need training. Approach player parents directly and offer training services

  • Diagnosis

    A skill assessment report for every athlete that helps trainer to get precise information about an athlete’s current skill level

  • Dashboard

    Personalized dashboard to keep track of players that train

  • Train the Trainer

    Training in assessing athlete’s skill levels using AP360 skill evaluation tool to monitor player progress

  • Set goals and create assignments for player

    Set measurable goals for every player and track progress

  • Capturing player metrics

    Tool to capture player performance metrics.

  • Benchmark Reports

    Generate benchmark reports for player performance analysis by defining the benchmark metric and compare it with other player data