AP360 for Scouts Do you want the job of finding a needle in haystack?

Guess Not! But that’s what college-coaches are expected to do.

College-coaches are always on the look-out for players to fill their vacant roster spots. The challenge which a college-coach always encounters is to find the perfect recruit for team. Typically, every college-coach follows certain standard procedure to find potential recruits.
This includes:

  • getting information from coaching staff, scouts or high-school coaches about skilled athletes
  • going to tournament, showcases or camp events to watch these players
  • Connect with players that approach college-coaches directly with their profile information

But all these are daunting tasks for a college-coach especially when there are millions of players seeking attention from college-coach for the same spot. This is where AthPro360 has created an innovation that will radically change the way college-coaches find players that are a perfect match for their roster.

AthPro360 has changed the dynamics of recruiting process.

Using our patent-pending predictive placement innovative process, AthPro360 has for the first time introduced an AI-based algorithm that significantly changes the landscape of player recruiting.
The basic premise of this innovation is that an athlete’s performance can be objectively measured, tracked and analysed to derive a pattern that can be used to predict athlete’s future and skills trajectory. Having such an objective measurement diminishes and/or eliminates the errors based only on subjective analysis.
Every time a player goes through the tests at an event, AP360’s predictive placement machine learning algorithm exploits data from multiple test scores, that have been captured over a player’s lifetime and dynamically generates patterns which are further analysed with a complex algorithm to derive ATHLETIC INDEX. This single objective score provides college-coaches/Recruiters the confidence and assurance about a player’s athletic abilities and excellence in position for which the player is being recruited.