Benefits to College-Coaches/Scouts

AthPro360’s Player Performance Index empowers college-coaches with a single objective score that reflects a player’s skill-sets which has been verified and vouched for accuracy by a team of experts in the respective sport. This is a ‘MUST-HAVE’ tool that every college-coach needs to have in order to perform their job efficiently.

Save Time

  • This is one biggest advantage that a college-coach can get with AthPro360 – Save time by watching only those players that have necessary skill-sets, academic excellence and meet your team requirements and expectations. Never have to indulge in a wild-goose chase of finding the needle in haystack for that ‘Perfect Recruit’.
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Convenience & Flexibility

  • Find Players in your area or region or all-over – Distances don’t matter if you don’t want them to! But if they do matter, then find players right in your neighbourhood. AthPro360 has a nearby search as well as a google map search that helps you drill-down to any area where you are looking for players.
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Boundaries don’t matter

  • AP360’s technology goes beyond country borders. If you have international quota available in your college, you can find players from different countries in AthPro360. Our platform is ubiquitous – No matter where the player is located, we are simply determined to find you the Perfect Recruit!

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Perfect Recruit

Create the profile for perfect recruit for every position in your team. Run a search and get a list of all players that match your requirement. View their profile, watch skill videos captured while player is performing at a test, add them to shortlist, get list of events from player’s calendar to watch the player perform live and make an offer! No hassles, no fuss, no more wasting time!

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Spend less time driving, more time recruiting

  • So you have 6 players to watch but only a day’s time! AP360’s route-planner does that for you. Route-planner will generate the fastest itinerary along multiple stops.
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Features for recruiter/college-coach

AthPro360 offers a number of sleek and attractive features that creates a seamless player search experience for college-coaches


  • Filters and Views – Create view-lists with different permissions – Watch-list, short-list. View player profiles anonymously or
  • Macro Map Dashboard – Get a bird’s eye view of players, teams, events in every part of the world and watch the athletes play at the event. Find players in your area and connect with them.
  • Micro view – Drill-down right up to the last level where the player is located and playing at event. Get access to complete player profile and connect with player
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Tailored Search

  • Customized Tailored Prospect Search – Create recruit profiles with exact skills and parameters that you are looking for.
  • Radar search – Find players within specified radius from your current location
  • Create once and save recruit profiles – Get real time alerts whenever a player matches your recruit profile.
  • Real Time Search – Find out where they are playing and plan your itinerary to watch them play on the field.
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Perfect Recruit

  • Using scores to filter players – Use AP360’s patented player performance index to find athletes with highest calibre and skills that are recruitable.
  • Private Athletic testing for team players – Every college-coach can test their team players using the same tools & patented technology that AP360 is using to evaluate a player’s skills. The scores and index calculated for private events will be available only to college-coach and cannot be accessed externally by other any other user – not even the player!
  • Find similar players – College-coach can scan AP360 database to find players having similar skill-sets as their current players.
  • Prospect Management Tool – Connect with team-coaches of players that you want to prospect.
  • Add notes for each player, add player to watch-list and host of other features.


  • Communication & Messaging – Connect with team-coach in order to prospect a player that matches recruit profile. AP360 provides tools to college-coaches to establish real-time communication with team-coaches and players.
  • Showcase Events, Invites and participation – Add recruiting clinics and get players to join a clinic directly. RSVP directly from portal for events that you would like to attend.

Calendar & Itinerary

  • Calendar, schedule, itinerary – Get notified when player’s check-in or if an event is rescheduled or cancelled.
  • Automatically generated route-map to suggest the best possible route optimizing distance and travel-time.
  • Recruit Get access to player transcripts, videos, athletic and skill evaluation data that is 100% accurate and verified


  • Clinics – Post college clinic schedule in AP360 and get players to sign-up for clinics.
  • Recruit-Board – Post a requirement in AP360’s Recruit-Board. We have millions of players in our database that are notified in real time through in-app notifications.

Find Players

We encourage all Scouts, College-coaches and Recruiters to sign-up with AthPro360 if they want to get access to Player database.