Recruiting Plans and Pricing


Recruit Assist Premium

Recruit Assist Platinum

$ 199 / Annual
$13,59/month in cash with Standard 20,99 plan
$ 699 / Annual
Promote your (PPI) metrics to college coaches
Real Time Notification in app about camps, CC clinics
Get notified in app when profile shortlisted and/or viewed by CC
Get access to Predictive Placement Tool
Personal Athletic Profile web-page
Get your profile in search-engines
Know who searched your profile
Know which college coach viewed your profile
See profile visitor stats
See how many hits on your public sites
Know if you are a Top Prospect
Know what colleges are using Player Performance Index (PPI) to recruit players
Message scouts directly
Research any College
Create your College Watch List
Create Multiple Custom College Lists
Search college camps/clinics
Connect your Twitter account to your profile
Checkin/Checkout from events
Print your calendar
Be a FEATURED Athlete
Access to GradeCheck services
Personal Recruit Assistance – 5 hours a week – Available over phone and chat