Take control…. of your recruiting PLAN

Keep track of colleges, see who is interested, get them to come see you play

We make it easy to organize your schools of interest, daily activities and engagement so you can work smarter. See everything that’s happened with a college coach, then plot the next closing action to get them to see you play. Keep track of colleges, see who is interested, get them to come see you play!

How it works?

Your Recruit Advisor

Your Recruit Advisor helps you with all of your athletic and academic information that is made available to all colleges. Everything a scout would need to evaluate you, including athletic metrics, skill evals and assessments, all in one place.

Follow your campaign timeline

Get real results by following our proven step-by-step guided campaigns to maximize your visibility to scouts with multi-touch campaigns. Never miss a step or forget to follow up with an interested coach. Your Advisor will help you along the way.

Track & see Results

Every college coach is available to you. Track and see every interaction they have with your messaging. Send personalized, professional messages to your preferred colleges with a click of the button.

Your Recruit Advisor:

Complete your profile

This is your athletic and academic recruiting landing page. College Coaches and scouts can gain all the information they need from your profile site.

Add your verified Credentials

With AthPro360 Evaluation camps, you are able to get your verified Athletic Measurables and Skill Evaluations and promote this information to the college coaches.

Visible to Every college in the country

Your profile data is now available to every college coach in the country. They can see you data, find exactly where you are performing and track you as a prospect

Follow your Campaign Plan:

Never miss a step

Your campaign manager takes you step-by-step through your marketing process. Most college coaches never notice simple emails. Your messaging will now always get attention.

Get replies and responses

Tired of spending time sending emails that seem to go into a black hole and you never know if they were received! No more “send and pray” emails! You know who, what, why and when on all your messaging.

Achieve better results

Break your recruiting plan into easily managed chunks. Don’t get overwhelmed and discouraged. We help you manage every step and see real recruiting results.

Get them to see you play:

Focus on interested Schools

We have a slogan, “Make them say no!”! If you know what schools are really interested in you, focusing on them will get you results. Now you will know who, what, when, where and why!

Get them to see you play

College coaches have many options. Their budgets are ever shrinking. It takes a lot of work for you to stand out over your competition and encourage that coach to come to your games. Connect makes that happen.

Take Total control of your Recruiting

Connect is a tried and proven system helping 1000’s of athletes for nearly 20 years. It’s not a passive effort! It’s a well planned, multi-touch and active system that get’s real positive results every time.

Benefits of College-coach connect:

Choose your target schools

Manage all of your target schools in one place. Research and tag those schools that best fit your needs.

Follow the recruit pipeline

Drive actions and ensure follow-up. Our action based recruit pipeline acts a daily planner. Always stay on track.

Communicate like a pro

In order to get noticed you must extend your marketing beyond your inbox. We give you the tools to use all modes of communication to get your name in front the coaches.

Create a campaign list

Send the right message or make the right contact at the right time with personalized and professional campaigns.

See your results

Know who opens your messages. Who clicks on your profile link, what pages are viewed, what pics and/or videos are viewed. And more.

Track success

Easy to read reports track your success in real-time. As schools show more interest you move them through the pipeline from interested to committed.

Recruit Advisor Packages:

We have a solution to fit all athlete’s needs. We encourage you to use the system as an individual or as a team. The team solution produces the highest level of results. When all players are individually promoting themselves to colleges, the whole team benefits by getting a larger audience of scouts out to see their games. The bigger the net.. the bigger the catch!

Full Team

  • Minimum 15 players

Half team

  • Minimum 10 players

Full Team

  • Minimum 15 players

Full Team

  • Minimum 15 players