Athlete Recruiting Service

AthPro360 offers the most advanced and complete set of tools to assist players in their efforts to get recruited in a team. It is critical that every athlete pursuing a chance to play at the collegiate level have a complete academic/athletic site to promote themselves. AthPro360 has created a framework that leads athletes through the funnel of different steps that will help them get recruited in a team. We believe that every player needs to get an equal opportunity to present themselves before college-coach/Scout in order to get recruited.

We encourage athletes and parents to start planning for the recruiting phase much before they start high school. This will provide ample time for athletes to prepare themselves academically as well as athletically towards the final goal of getting ‘RECRUITED’.

Athlete Roadmap for getting recruited

  • Sign-up with AthPro360
  • Complete your profile – school, team, goal, SAT score and all other information
  • Upload Photos, Videos and Transcripts in your profile.
  • Select an attractive skin for your profile website
  • Keep events in AthPro36 calendar current so that college-coaches can find where you are playing
  • Get Athletic Index score along with recommendations from coach
  • Get trained and acquire skills that will put you ahead of your friends
  • Get a Scout-Wire Report with videos
  • Enrol under a trainer to Improve skills.
  • Get tested at events at regular intervals and stay committed to your goals.
  • Sign-up with AthPro360 Recruiting for your sport
  • Subscribe to AthPro360 College-coach connect
  • Find the list of recommended colleges from our Predictive Placement link
  • Start applying to colleges and connecting with college-coaches 6 months prior to high-school graduation
  • Get Recruited in college.

Share your success story with us! If AthPro360 has helped you in any way to get recruited, please drop in a word. We would like to feature your success story in our website so that other athletes, similar to you, are motivated and encouraged to pursue their goals.