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CEO – Founder – 11 years

AKA “The General Manager,”! He generally manages everything.

CTO- Co-founder – 10 years

Oversee’s all technical aspects of the company. Manages and directs all IT and IO departments to meet the strategic goals of the company.

RTA Team Lead – 8 years
Post-graduate Masters degree in Computer Application

Abhijeet is Project Manager that has been managing RTA project from the time it was started about 7 years back. A very demanding task-master that looks for perfection in every task that is assigned, Abhijeet is a bundle of energy, passion and most humble professional. His knowledge and skills spawns across multiple technologies as well as databases. A leader that is loved and looked upon all team members, Abhijeet carries around him an aura of charisma, confidence and knowledge. He leads the team but gets down to nuts-and-bolts of doing tasks himself when there are deadlines to be met. No wonder the team-members love and hate him at the same time. Abhijeet holds a post-graduate masters degree in computer application, a graduate degree in physics and still calls himself a learner. He loves photography, travelling and spiritual discourses. He lives with his wife and family at Pune. Abhijeet is fluent in English, Hindi and Marathi.

Team Lead – Mobile Apps – 7 years
Bachelor in Information Technology

Madhav is the most trusted general in the army that can be called in at any time during the day or night to combat any demanding situation. He brings his vast experience and knowledge in software programming to build the core application architecture for modules in RTA. He is instrumental in introducing and building blocks for any new technologies that has been introduced in ever-growing RTA platform. Madhav is skilled in open-source technologies, programming, logic building, analytical reasoning, coding, cloud-servers and mobile technologies. He loves reading, plays guitar, loves photography, bird-watching, travelling and last but not the least, programming. Madhav holds a bachelor’s degree in information technology from Mumbai University and lives with his family in Mumbai suburbs. He is fluent in English, Marathi and Hindi.

Senior Software Developer- 7 years
Post-graduate Masters degree in Computer Management.

Prakash’s personality can be summed up in 2 powerful words – dependable and trustworthy. Prakash brings with him loads of knowledge and expertise in open-source programming, object-oriented programming, logic, analytical skills, conditional reasoning skills and logical thinking patterns. He has been working in RTA platform for many years now and understands full code architecture of such a vast expansive platform. His attitude to any problem is to first break down the complexity into simple manageable blocks and then work on to building a solution hierarchy. Prakash holds a post-graduate master’s degree in computer management from Pune University. He lives with his wife at Pune and is fluent in English, Marathi and Hindi languages.

Mobile App Developer – 4 years
Bachelor in Engineering – Information Technology

Jignesh is a very passionate and knowledgeable mobile app developer that has been developing mobile apps for over 4 years now. He has excellent skills in open-source web technologies, Java, ObjectiveC and cross-breed JavaScript platforms. Jignesh is a very sincere, honest, dependable and committed professional that is extremely dedicated to his work. No matter how challenging the task is, once it is assigned to Jignesh, you can be sure it will be done. Jignesh is member of a community called ‘Happy thoughts’ and believes that in creating positive aura wherever he goes. True to his philosophy, he is always in happy and cheerful moods and keeps the entire team motivated. Jignesh holds an engineering degree in Information technology. He speaks Gujarathi, English, Hindi and Marathi languages.

Sr. UI Developer and Design – 7 years
Bachelor in Information Technology.

Smita is very creative individual with an artistic bent of mind. Colors, shapes, objects, designs, patterns – these come alive with her around. Give her a concept to be designed and she will surprise you with her creativity. Smita brings to the team rich experience of working with UI technologies and is an expert in all designing tools like Adobe, Corel, Bootstrap etc. She is an expert with mobile app designing as well. Smita holds a bachelor’s degree in computer applications from Mumbai University. She lives in Mumbai with her husband and is fluent in English, Hindi and Marathi languages.

UI Developer and Design – 6 years
Post-graduate Master’s degree in Computer Science.

Dhananjay is a highly skilled UI designer with over 6 years of experience in designing UI for web applications. He has been working in RTA UI designs for a long time now. He has excellent knowledge about designing responsive pages for web applications with different technologies. He holds a post-graduate master’s degree in computer applications from Marathwada University and lives in Mumbai.

Quality Control & Software Tester – 4.5 years
Bachelor in Engineering – IT

Mugdha is a cheerful, committed, hard-working and creative professional that has a very humble, yet lofty dreams of achieving great heights in life. She is a quick learner and adapts to any environment very quickly. Being as huge the application that RTA is, Mugdha knows every bit of the platform and how all modules are connected with each other. She believes in delivering her commitment of 100% quality product that performs exactly the way it is supposed to. She is adept at automated testing, manual software testing, programming as well as analysis and planning. Mugdha holds an engineering degree in Information technology from Pune University. She is fluent in English, Marathi and Hindi languages.

Quality Control & Software Tester – 4.5 years
Bachelor in Engineering – Mechanical.

Satish is responsible for Quality Control and testing different modules in RTA. He holds an engineering degree in mechanical engineering but when the time came for him to choose a career, he opted for a career in Quality control and software testing. Being responsible for quality control, he must don the hat of every user-type that will be interacting with the software – the casual user, the expert user, the developer, the novice and ensure that the software conforms/delivers the expectation of all user-types. Not a very easy task to do but Satish manages it quite well. He is a sweet-talker and makes sure that he gets the bugs/issues fixed so that his ratings and appraisals are always high 🙂

HR Manager – 10 years
Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management.

Lisa brings in vast experience of 9 years in recruiting, talent identification, HR management and facilitation. She is a very people-friendly professional with lot of patience, positivity and perseverance who never gives up on any individual or situation. She supports the entire HR and administration needs of the team and provides each team member the comfort and confidence that is expected of any HR professional. Lisa is instrumental in bridging the gaps between demand and supply of people skills required to keep any business going. She organizes events, outings, group discussions and games for the team to ensure that they are always motivated and charged-up to deliver their tasks. Lisa holds a post-graduate diploma in Human Resource Management from Mumbai University. She lives with her parents in Mumbai and is fluent in English, Hindi, Marathi and Konkani.

Data Analyst – 2 years
Masters of Science in Business Analytics

Robert is business minded professional that consistently goes the extra mile on all of the projects he has worked on. He is a hard worker and does not shy away from challenges; he welcomes them and will not quit until the goal has been accomplished. Robert is very diligent in the work that he does; he is detail-oriented and leaves nothing to chance (not Chance Willis). As a member of the team, he brings strong business, analytics, and design skills. He holds a Master’s of Science degree in Business Analytics from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. During his free time, Robert loves weightlifting, backpacking, cooking, and photography.