Features for guardian

Save time with real time in-app notifications & alerts

No more wasting time as you missed any communication related to last-minute changes in game schedule or team practice event or other updates.

Monitor your child’s activity

Track and keep complete control over who is following your child in the app, delete posts, pictures and notifications. Report posts or followers that you are concerned about – AP360 team will instantly act on any such feedback.

Convenience of tracking and managing your child’s sports career from your phone

AthPro360 provides a comprehensive locker to store away every activity related to your child’s sports activities like stats, scores, teams, game wins/losses, athletic index, tryouts, camps, performance index and various other parameters. AP360 locker effectively becomes a life-time storage of all important achievements of your child’s sports career – A nice way to build memories!

Event invitations & reminders

Get notifications for invites sent out by event directors for your child directly in your phone. Never miss out on an important game or camp as we make sure that, while you are busy managing your other tasks, we take complete control of your child’s sports career. Register for event directly from your phone and pay the fees…All in just few clicks!