AP360’s athlete evaluation process has met a huge success in recent past among athletes, college-coaches and parents.The index and evaluation report generated with AP360 player evaluation process has become the single accepted benchmark for players to get recruited in colleges.

The responsibilities of AP360 Regional Director includes:

Develop relationships with college coaches, clubs, coaches, team organizations heads and the local sports community to identify and evaluate college bound athletes

Arrange for fields required to run these events. Ensure that the fields are secured in advance so that the events can be held every possible weekend in order to reach out to maximum number of athletes.

Publish an event schedule for the full year in Jan in order to ensure that the all available seats are booked well in-advance.

Adhere to AP360’s event rules & regulations and ensure 100% compliance to the rules as laid out in the event charter.

Plan, organize, and conduct AP360 Athletic Testing and Skill Testing Events in their territory/region

Using our patented athletic and skill eval technology provide detailed athletic and skill assessments to players.

Utilize our Scout app to research and identify athletes and their play locations.

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Investment required

AP360 Skill Evaluation business requires a minimal initial investment in order to cover the cost of equipments and operations. Please get in touch with us to get more information about this.

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