Skill Performance Index

Skill Performance Test measures a player’s overall skill rating in the sports specific skill areas.

Every player/Athlete has a goal set. The key to getting anywhere is to first know where you are now and then how you will get there. AthPro360 Skill Combine Events are particularly engineered and crafted to help athletes get a complete skill and athletic evaluation for different metrics at current levels. Further, AP360 team helps Athletes chalk-out a training plan that will help them get to their goal.

How does it work?

Skill Combine Event

Skill combine events combo include Athletic and Skill tests. In addition to athletic tests, the athlete is required to perform some additional tests that are used to specifically gauge athlete’s skills in specific areas.

Personalized Scout Analysis

Skills are evaluated by at least 3 scouts that monitor, observe and analyse an athlete’s form, style and action while they are performing on the field. All 3 scouts on field capture video while player is performing the tests. These videos are attached to a scout’s review feedback about each test area and is used to corroborate their analysis of an athlete’s skill level.

Skill Performance Index

The final output is a Skill Tests Index that is a single objective measure summarizing an athlete’s skill level

ScoutWire Report

Every Athlete that participates in a Skill Eval Combine receives a digital report that provides complete overview and detailed analysis about:

  • Athlete’s performance at the event
  • Personal feedback report from Scout
  • Rating in each skill category
  • An audio analysis of ‘why’ the athlete was scored at a particular level
  • A list of areas of improvement. This report is filed and stored as part of player’s digital locker and is available for comparison and view at all times.
You can view a sample ScoutWire Report here

How are the scouts selected?

AP360 Area Scouts are experienced former college or high school coach with a proven track record.

Each and every Area Scout is put through rigorous trainer training in order to make sure that they understand AP360’s Patent Pending Technology and report their findings after analysing a player’s performance metrics. AP360 equips every Scout with a handheld Tab that has a proprietary app installed to capture the Scout’s feedback. The scout captures the video of player performing in test which is automatically uploaded to a cloud server after the event. Making the best use of available technology resources, AP360 scouts are held accountable for every feedback which is critically analysed by experts in our team to make sure that the feedback provided is accurate and unbiased.