How It Works

  • The trainer sets goals to systematically train an athlete and help them gain strength in tests/measures that need improvement. Trainer assigns assignments to athletes and creates plan to methodically train the athlete to reach the desired goal in a specific time-frame.

  • The first task is to establish a baseline and an analysis chart to identify areas that a player needs to improve. Once a player gets her score for base tests, they can select an AP360 trainer that can train them in certified training center in their area.

  • The trainer will test each month in order to measure the athlete’s progress. This data is visible only to the player and trainer. Once the player reaches their goal, they will re-test at an AP360 API event to verify the true performance gains.

  • Every trainer goes through a rigorous train-the-trainer certification process that exposes them to best practice techniques which they need to use in order to help athletes reach their goal.