Player Performance Index

Every Athlete goes through a battery of on-field tests. The results of these tests are captured using electronic devices especially calibrated and built as per AP360 specifications in order to ensure accuracy and performance consistency. We ensure that every partner uses the same set of devices to capture scores in order to maintain highest level of data consistency while calculating player index and percentile rank.

How is PPI derived?

Athletic Performance Test measures an athlete’s pure athletic ability. Skill Performance Test measures a player’s overall skill rating in the sports specific skill areas. The results of each individual set of tests are added to proprietary algorithms and the corresponding resulting single number creates an “Athletic Performance Index” and a “Skill Performance Index“. Both these indexes are further processed to derive “Player Performance Index

The Player Performance Index (PPI) is the composite and final rating of the athlete/player. This single metric has become an objective measurement that offers a clear snapshot of a player’s skill and athletic abilities. College coaches across the country are using these measurements in a variety of ways as they zero in on the players they wish to recruit and offer scholarships to.

How are these metrics used?

Players can use these two numbers to rate themselves and see how they compare to their peers.

Team Coaches can use the index numbers to better train their players. College coaches are looking for these Athletic and Skill Index number as they evaluate players throughout the recruiting process.

Who is using these metrics?

College Coaches and Scouts can log into their AthPro360 lockers and see all detailed information including players profile data, individual rankings and more.

All players can manage and promote their scores in their player portal.

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