Digital – Evaluations

Players can request for a personalized Digital Evaluation from a certified Scout to get a professional and objective feedback on their skill level. Our Area Scouts will break down your skills video and game film and give you a detailed report on skill levels, areas of strength and needs for improvement. The report will include a rating for every skill category, a written evaluation, an audio recording with analysis of “why” you received a specific rating and areas that need improvement. With this information, we can help you project your current college playing level and identify schools that best fit you.

How does it work

Send us your video

Create a video based on our instructions and forward it to us.

Evaluation and Ratings

We will break down your skills and rate you in throwing, fielding, hitting, pitching or catching.

Player Development

We have a repository of Trainers that can help you develop and build your skills.

Are you Recruitable?

If your skill levels show you are ready to be recruited. Our Recruit Assist program will help guide you to the schools that best match your needs and skill level.