AthPro360 Athletic Performance and Skill Performance events allow athletes get an in-depth analysis of strengths and weaknesses in different test groups along with recommendation on areas that need to be improved.

These combines are specifically engineered to get a complete skill and athletic evaluation for each individual player.

Currently AP360 evaluation is available for softball and baseball. By next fall, we plan to add few more sports.

How it Works?

AthPro360 is created for players and teams to assess their skill level and get an unbiased objective analysis Athletic Index report that will help them identify areas that needs training and improvisation.

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Evaluation for Individual & Teams

AthPro360 provides comparison metrics for individual athletes as well as teams to compare their performance metrics with other athletes from peer groups or teams, as the case may be.

Single Objective Measurement

This provides every athlete a yardstick to identify areas where they need to improve their skills in order to get ahead of their peers.

Ranking Metrics

Teams are able to gauge the power of collective performance of all players in the team as compared to another team

Athletic Performance Index

All athlete evaluations and tryouts have been designed using the most sophisticated protocols in order to assess an athlete’s on-ground skill level. AP360 has created a proprietary algorithm that combines an athlete’s scores in individual tests and returns a single metric that sums up their current skill level. The resulting number is called player’s Athletic Performance Index.

Scores and Index Calculation

Every athlete’s test performance score is compared and analysed with historical scores of other players in database. This single number measures a player’s skill against every player who has ever been tested. Players then are able to realistically evaluate their on-field strengths and weaknesses and plan to improve their skills.

Benefits of getting skill evaluated:

The real end game for AP360 and these metrics is in Player Development! These scores are a true objective benchmark a player can use to better their skills. It is very important that every competitive player in the country goes through the skill evaluation process and get their verified AthPro360 Player Performance Index.
The results of these metrics have become an objective measurement that offers a clear snapshot of a player’s athletic abilities. Players can use this metric to promote themselves to colleges, and the college coaching community relies upon these metrics since they represent a consistent standard of evaluation.
These scores are posted to the player’s athletic profile so that players can promote themselves to the colleges of their choice. PPT metrics and the corresponding Athletic Indexes are the only certified and verified Athletic Performance Measurables available to the youth sports community. AthPro360 are the only metrics in the sports world to offer to the college coaching and scouting community reliable objective data based upon consistent, meaningful, and proven standards of excellence.
Every athlete’s scores are compared with the best-known player scores and percentile rank as well as Player Performance Index is automatically calculated. Every Athlete’s performance scores are posted in national leaderboard and is accessible to all users in a global website. AthPro360 maintains leaderboard at different levels – National, Regional and Event-level.

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Eval Event Highlights

Test Administration

This is the highest tier of testing administered under the strictest of protocols only by AP360 certified admins

Player Rank

This test will return an Athletic Performance Index and rank the player nationally.


If the athlete’s score is higher than set benchmark, the scores will be published in leaderboard.

Manage Scores

Scores are visible on the players profile and can be managed in the player AP360 locker

Search & Compare

Player scores can be searched and compared in leaderboard.

Individual test metrics

Players are ranked nationally by each individual test and as well by Athletic Performance Index